Heidi Benjaminsen Coaching

Summer 2022 Prep to Calmly Send Teen to College

per month for 3 months ($1,497.00 total)
You've made it through your the college application process, prom, and graduation. You've paid the freshman dorm deposit and are planning how to get them (and their stuff!) to college.

But... who is taking care of YOU?

Sending a child to college can trigger anxiety, worry, and stress. Except this energy does NOT help you OR your teen.

Let's get YOU prepared and excited to send your teen to college.

I sent my oldest abroad last year for his first college semester... and he thrived because I prepared myself and projected confidence to him.

Spend the summer learning how to manage your emotions and fears so you drive away from the freshman dorm with calm and hopeful smiles (and maybe happy tears!).

Over June, July and August 2022 (and at your convenience), we will coach 6 hours and you will transform your anxiety and worry into peace, confidence, calm and hope.

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